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Best Chula Vista Private Investigators

Best Chula Vista Private Investigators

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''If you are ever in need of surveillance services this is the company for you. What an outstanding job they had done for me. When I felt there was something wrong in my marriage right away.'' -Mark


                             Fees Schedule

Standard Hourly Rate


Hourly Rate by Service Type

Flat Rate Services 





San Diego Area:

$85.00 1st Investigator

$65.00 Additional Investigator(s)

4 hour minimum on all surveillances

$50.00 Administrative Fee (Case Setup)

Report Charge $65.00 per hour (Average 1-2 Hours)

Additional Charge for Weekends and Holidays


Out of Town:

$125.00 Per Investigator

$85 Per additional Investigator(s)

4 hour minimum on all surveillances

$50.00 Administrative Fee (Case Setup)

Additional Charge for Weekends and Holidays


TRAVEL $0.55/mile per vehicle



*The minimum rate/retainer for any field investigation is $1,500.00



The hourly rate listed above is per investigator (Operative). Additional charges or Administration Setup Fee $50.00, mileage, out of pocket expenses, and report preparation should also be taken into consideration. The office consulation is free. All courts records and database searches, as listed below, are a separate charge and not included in field investigation's hourly rates.

Prior to the beginning of each investigation, with exception of long term client contracts or special arrangements, a retainer fee is required up front. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order or credit card. Any unused portion of the reatiner will be refunded back to client.

Any field investigation which exceeds the initial client authorized retainer will require additional funds prior to completion of case. Allowing an adequate retainer amount will keep the investigation continuing without delay. We will not exceed the amount you have authorized us to investigate your case without your written consent.

*Payment in Full require prior to release of any reports.



Reimbursement for expenses incurred during the course of an investigation, including but not limited to:

*Long distance charges directly related to investigations Database searches

*Office expenses that exceed the ordinary (UPS, FedEx, photo processing, etc.)

*Additional costs to be negotiated with client on case basis.


Hourly Rates by Service Type


Insurance Invetsigations                     $85.00 Hour (Plus Mileage & Expenses)

Domestic Investigations                      $85.00 Hour (Plus Mileage & Expenses)

Infidelity/Mate Check Surveillance       $85.00 Hour (Plus Mileage & Expenses)

Surveillance/Covert Investigations        $85.00 Hour (Plus Mileage & Expenses)

Undercover Work                              $95.00 Hour (Plus Mileage & Expenses)

Criminal Investigations                        $85.00 Hour (Plus Mileage & Expenses)

Accident Invetsigations                       $ 125.00 Hour (Plus Mileage & Expenses)

Civil Investigations                             $85.00  Hour (Plus Mileage & Expenses)  

Sexual Harassment Investigations        $85.00  Hour (Plus Mileage & Expenses)    

Missing Person Locate                       $85. 00  Hour (Plus Mileage & Expenses)  

Internal Fraud Investigations               $85.00  Hour (Plus Mileage & Expenses)  

Arson Investigations                           $125.00  Hour (Plus Mileage & Expenses)  

Executive Protection                           $125.00  Hour (Plus Mileage & Expenses)  


Flat Rates Services


Background Check                               $195.00  CCC Section 1786.29

Skiptrace/Computer Database Locate     $150.00

Asset Search-Property and Vehicle         $150.00

Criminal Background Search (By County) $85.00

Social Security Number Verification        $25.00

Individual Credit Credit Bureau Check    $85.00  Signed Release Required

Judgements, Liens, Bankruptcy Search   $85.00

Tax Lien Search                                    $85.00  Plus County records charge

Civil Records Search                              $85.00

Professional License Verification            $85.00

Employment Reference Verification        $125.00

Personal Reference Verification              $85.00

Business Background                             $150.00

Business Search                                     $85.00

Witness/Defendant Locate                      $150.00

Property Search                                    $85.00


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